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How has Mental Health Awareness changed over time?

Blog by Medha Somayaji, Aishwarya Anand and Chirag Kirpalani 'MENTAL HEALTH.' Mentioning this term just 50 years ago would get you a blank look in people’s eyes, almost as if the word was completely alien to them. For years, people have refrained from talking about mental health in public because of the constant taboo associated… Continue reading How has Mental Health Awareness changed over time?


Aarti Madhusudan : The Art of Volunteerism

Aarti Madhusadan is the founder of Governance Counts, as well as a board member of iVolunteer. Governance Counts operates to strengthen the boards of various NGOs. iVolunteer, is an establishment which encourages people to volunteer to share their time, skills and passions. Within iVolunteer, she founded an initiative, WhiteBoard, which brings together corporate professionals to… Continue reading Aarti Madhusudan : The Art of Volunteerism


Vivek Sharma : Making Young Leaders

  Vivek Sharma, Core Team member of Piramal Pharma Solutions, is the program director of the Gandhi Fellowship. Gandhi fellowship is a two year program, which seeks to instil the objectives of transformative leadership among its participants. Young leaders are trained to adopt skills that can enable them to pursue significant public service and social… Continue reading Vivek Sharma : Making Young Leaders


Vinayak Lohani : Developing the Underprivileged

  Vinayak Lohani, founded Parivaar , immediately after graduating from one of the most prestigious business schools in India. Parivaar has about 1614 resident children and has become the standard model for maintaining the growth, development and evolution of the underprivileged. Apart from being the largest free residential institute in West Bengal, Parivaar conducts multifarious welfare… Continue reading Vinayak Lohani : Developing the Underprivileged


Rajan Narayanan : For Start-ups to Start out

  Rajan Narayanan, president of IndiaCares, co-founded Second Avenue. The establishment pursues advisory and consulting roles; and it includes industry specialists and management practitioners. They assist first generation entrepreneurs and SMEs to embark on a growth trajectory. The enterprise provides counsel to SMEs about corporate strategy, technology and people management. IndiaCares supports various NGOs. The… Continue reading Rajan Narayanan : For Start-ups to Start out


Venkat Krishnan N : The Culture of Giving

Venkat Krishnan N, co-founded Eklavya school in Ahmedabad, in 1996. The school assimilates an integrative environment, by admitting both underprivileged as well as well-off students. In 2000, he set up the programme, Give India, to promote a culture of giving in India. The organization directs around Rs. 25 crores per annum to about 150 NGOs.… Continue reading Venkat Krishnan N : The Culture of Giving


Dr. Prahalathan KK: Educating the Underprivileged

Dr. Prahalathan Karunakaran, an ophthalmologist, co-founded Bhumi, one of India’s widest-reaching volunteer non-profit organizations. The organization has around 1000 volunteers, who provide standard education to underprivileged children. The establishment spreads across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata and other parts of the country. The society started off small-scale, facing numerous challenges along… Continue reading Dr. Prahalathan KK: Educating the Underprivileged


Kuldeep Dantewadia : Solving real world problems

Kuldeep Dantewadia, was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship, in 2013. He is the co-founder and CEO of Reap Benefit. He has assembled a structure to get students directly in contact with environmental concerns, and develop pragmatic solutions to them. Mr. Dantewadia believes that cultivating a sense of applied empathy involves regular low cost problem solving… Continue reading Kuldeep Dantewadia : Solving real world problems


Prasanth Nair : Compassionate Endeavours and More

The people are out there in social media, so we need to be there. Social media as a platform makes administration more transparent, seamless, fast, publicly accountable. Prasanth Nair is the former District Collector of Kozhikode and the founder of the Compassionate Kozhikode initiative, which is one of the largest civic engagement projects by a district administration… Continue reading Prasanth Nair : Compassionate Endeavours and More