Narayan Devanathan – Media in Social Change


“I believe the road to the future lies in a return to simpler times, where the focus is on creating a happy place that helps people generate fabulous ideas”

Narayan Devanathan is the Group Executive and Strategy Officer of Dentsu Brand Agencies, India.

Devanathan has a Bachelors in Science and an MBA from Osmania University. He did his MA in the field of Strategic Communications from the University of Wisconsin and MS in Mass Communication from the Iowa State University.

As the Group Executive of the Dentsu brand in India, he is the chief steward of the company here, ensuring consistency of vision and output with Dentsu’s global philosophy of Good Innovation. He also plays the role of integrator with the other members of the Dentsu Aegis Network, both within and outside the country, helping to leverage the power of the network.

Narayan Devanathan has been associated with Daan Utsav in the past as well. He has helped the Dentsu One team conceptualise a film urging families to give their household help a day off. The campaign was called ‘Give an Off’, with the motto ‘Let’s bring happiness to the homes of those who take care of ours.’

Devanathan’s experience in the advertising industry spans over twenty years. He has worked in various capacities with leading advertising agencies in India and the United States, and his name has been associated with some of the biggest brands in the world. His core strength has been understanding client’s marketing problems and finding the most effective solutions for them. Insightful and intuitive, he is a natural advertiser.


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