Ten Crore Indians Giving

Conceptualise and design events to be organised during Daan Utsav to engage a very large number of people to experience the joy in giving.

Contest Format

Ideas will be evaluated based on:

  1. Number of people that will “give” as part of the campaign or events
  2. The number of people the events or campaign will reach out to and invite to become givers
  3. The extent to which the experience will help the givers experience joy in their giving and convert them into regular givers
  4. How realistic and actually doable the plan is

Each team will be provided a display board measuring of 3 feet * 4 feet on which the plan can be displayed. The plan can be displayed in the form of posters or bullet points. Teams will have access to paper, chart paper, colours, pens, printouts and other resources. Volunteers will assist teams where required. Teams will begin work 5:30pm on the 5th of August. The displays are be set up by 8:30am on the 6th of August.

The Jury,consisting of Prasanth Nair, IAS & Founder- Compassionate Kozhikode, Umesh Asher- CEO Vendiman & Aarti Madhusudan- Founder- GovernanceCounts, will view the plans from 9 am onwards and select the winners.

Rules and Conditions:

  • Each College is allowed to have one team
  • The team can have number of participants.
  • Certificates will be issued only to registered participants
  • Faculty members are allowed to be part of the teams



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