The Power of Crowdfunding

August 6,2017

The Power of Crowdfunding panel brought four big names of the industry onto a single stage. Varun Sheth, the Co-founder of Ketto, Anoj Viswanathan, Co-founder of Milaap, Piyush Jain, Co-founder of Impact Guru and Rajan Narayanan, President of India Cares shared the platform. The discussion centred on how crowdfunding can be a powerful catalyst for meaningful change.

Varun Sheth brought up the example of an acid attack survivor who had been in need of fifteen lakh rupees for her surgery. Her situation found attention on social media sites and a Facebook campaign raised the required money in just two hours. “The beauty of crowdfunding is that there is no need to donate huge amounts of money. Even the smallest contributions can bring about huge change”, explained Varun Sheth.

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The session then opened to questions from the audience. One of them pertained to the distrust towards the internet and giving money through it, to which Piyush Jain asserted that today’s generation is a huge social sector willing to lend its hands to help others.

The Volunteer Services Organisation of Manipal University provided live coverage of the session through their Facebook site. For the video, visit our Facebook page


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