About Daan Utsav-Umesh Asher

Umesh Asher, a volunteer of Daan Utsav and the founder of Vendiman sensitized the audience towards the concept of Daan Utsav.

Daan Utsav sees millions of people from all walks of life come together to contribute their time, money, skills, and resources to give back to society. They do this by creating or participating in any of the numerous events during the week. The events could be as simple as a family taking out their maid’s children for an ice-cream party, or as large as a ‘Gift Compassion’, an event that has over 10,000 schoolchildren making and exchanging gifts with their peers from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The previous edition of Daan Utsav had more than 6 million people joining hands to discover the Joy of Giving.

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