Volunteer Speaks

Little Efforts

The thought of involving in a volunteer service itself gives overjoying emotions, not only does it has an optimistic impact on the society, but also gives one a sense of purpose.

Volunteer Services Organisation, gave me the opportunity to give in the most simplest of ways to help anyone in need. VSO was a platform where I met new people, made new friends and honed new skills.

Looking back at one of the events that is still crystal clear in my memory, Sparsh, VSO’s Cultural Fest of 2014. From the little dancing feet of children of Shrikrishna Balaniketan to the phenomenal shadow play by Prahlad Acharya, touched the hearts of not only little ones but the elderly as well.

The time Volunteers brought Diwali to the doors of ASARE. The faces of ASARE residents beamed brighter than the diyas lit that night.

The hours spent on the organizing events, a stream of endless discussions, talks and mindless banter by my fellow wannabe stand-up comedians. While organizing these events wasn’t always an easy task, with positive team spirit and the constant guidance of Dr. Anup Naha we managed to sail through the hurdles.

VSO organizes unique events, reverberating joy and happiness. The success of any VSO event is a personal victory to all Volunteers!

In the words of Kathy Calvin,

Giving is not about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

One little effort by me beat the no effort made by many!

Sunil Kumar Agarwal | Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2010-2014)


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