Special Projects, Volunteer Speaks

Evenings at Chiguru

Vinay Reddy KS | KMC Manipal (2016-2021)

An ancient Sanskrit quote says, “With knowledge comes responsibility”. As part of Akshara I always believed it was this responsibility that I was working towards. To give back to the community in small ways I can afford to. But the time constraint always made it an incomplete effort from my side as I couldn’t assess the actual impact I bear on the children.

However Chiguru was a realization of this dream of mine. Every day I had the undivided attention of the group of children assigned to me for 2 hours. The daily events were planned in detail and well explained before the start of the event.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was the most fruitful use of my time every evening! I was given an opportunity to work my magic and teach those topics in the most innovative way I could. The pre-designed tests gave me an insight into both the efficacy of my work and it’s impact. I didn’t work any miracles. Nobody in the camp claims to have. But the one thing we all unanimously agree is that we successfully ran a simulation of experience and experiment based learning with small group teaching. It was also a platform to discover the teacher in me.

The academic results were pleasant but the level of enthusiasm that I was dealing with on a daily basis was my true motivation.

As the organizers ideated, ‘the initiative was aimed at creating a summer camp experience to these kids and teach them basic English vocabulary along with it’, but at the end of the day I was reliving my summer camp days and sharing a beautiful part of my childhood.

Be it in Akshara or Chiguru, the most unique character of the children at academy school is their ability to easily extract entertainment. For a millennial who constantly complains of boredom in almost all his pursuits this trait of the kids inspires me to persevere and find my silver lining.
I consider it a privilege to have been part of a high energy project like Chiguru. I thank VSO for this opportunity and wish success in all such future endeavours.

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