Kanika Sinha : The Fifth Space

Kanika Sinha is the director- Outreach at Commutiny-The Youth Collective. The program engages with the youth to assist them to become more equipped to be able to tackle conflicts, build leadership skills, establish their values, and stand up for their rights as well as those of the community.

She has been creating transformative journeys for the youth, and has worked relentlessly to facilitate the launch of various change initiatives. She volunteered in the relief camps of Ahemedabad after the communal riots in Gujarat, in 2002.

Art by Nikita Dhanan,The MIT Post

She has also worked with Parvah and ComMuntiny- The Youth Collective. The Youth collective works to strengthen the fifth space in the lives of the youth. Apart from the four other spaces, that is, family, friends, career and leisure, the fifth space seeks to instill self-awareness among the participants to make them wholesome citizens.

She has a Masters in Social Development from the University of Sussex.



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