Vinayak Lohani : Developing the Underprivileged


Vinayak Lohani, founded Parivaar , immediately after graduating from one of the most prestigious business schools in India. Parivaar has about 1614 resident children and has become the standard model for maintaining the growth, development and evolution of the underprivileged. Apart from being the largest free residential institute in West Bengal, Parivaar conducts multifarious welfare programs, and has now expanded to Madhya Pradesh.

The establishment has initiated several Meal cum Education centres in various pockets of the country that are impinged with poverty. At these establishments, more than 4500 children receive wholesome food, along with standard supplementary education.

Art by Abhijit Vinayak, The MIT Post

In many business schools today, the story of Parivaar and how it came to being is discussed as case study for teaching objectives about organization and social entrepreneurship.

Mr. Lohani did B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (2000) and MBA from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (2003). He was inspired by ideals of Swami Vivekananda, which eventually led to the conception of Parivaar.


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