Vivek Sharma : Making Young Leaders


Vivek Sharma, Core Team member of Piramal Pharma Solutions, is the program director of the Gandhi Fellowship. Gandhi fellowship is a two year program, which seeks to instil the objectives of transformative leadership among its participants. Young leaders are trained to adopt skills that can enable them to pursue significant public service and social changes. The core belief of the fellowship is that these trainees can touch a considerable number of lives, using their leadership skills to bring about large scale solutions. The New Millionaire Program is an initiative under which a person can touch a million lives in ten years.

Art by Devishi Lohit, The MIT Post

Mr. Sharma was previously the program director of Pratham. He had facilitated the establishment of learning enhancement programs in many government schools in Punjab, Himachal and Uttarakhand.

 Mr. Sharma has been a part of Indian media as a trained journalist. He has also been part of some businesses, IT and Telecom startups.


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