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Evenings at Chiguru

Vinay Reddy KS | KMC Manipal (2016-2021) An ancient Sanskrit quote says, "With knowledge comes responsibility". As part of Akshara I always believed it was this responsibility that I was working towards. To give back to the community in small ways I can afford to. But the time constraint always made it an incomplete effort… Continue reading Evenings at Chiguru

Special Projects, Volunteer Speaks

An Investment in the Future – National Science Day 2018

Shreya Tapaswi | School of Life Sciences (2016-2020) Every year 28th February is observed as the National Science Day in India. The purpose of the day is to pay a tribute to the discovery of the Raman effect by Sir C V Raman and promote science. The theme for this year was “Science and Technology… Continue reading An Investment in the Future – National Science Day 2018

Special Projects, Volunteer Speaks

From Kannada Gothila to Hegiddira – Speaking Kannada

Volunteering to serve others in whatever small way possible gives that self satisfaction that is mostly inexplicable. Me being no different, from when I was little I would help out in social events and causes in whatever way I could. The environment I grew up in, was such. After coming to the mini cosmo that… Continue reading From Kannada Gothila to Hegiddira – Speaking Kannada

Volunteer Speaks

Little Efforts

The thought of involving in a volunteer service itself gives overjoying emotions, not only does it has an optimistic impact on the society, but also gives one a sense of purpose. Volunteer Services Organisation, gave me the opportunity to give in the most simplest of ways to help anyone in need. VSO was a platform… Continue reading Little Efforts