Swacch Bharat & Environmental Issues

August 5, 2017

The Swacch Bharat contest had participants present waste management plans and models to tackle cleanliness, hygiene, garbage segregation, open defecation, or any other aspect to make the country a cleaner place. The competition included thirteen finalists who had made it through from the preliminary round. Several innovative ideas, like cellulose based industries,diapers as a source of nutrients, Waste Hub, anaerobic decomposition, and the use of cigarette butts to make clothes were proposed by the contestants.

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The founder of Daily Dump, Poonam Bir Kasturi, underlined the need to keep the environment clean and urged youngsters to adopt environmental friendly lifestyle. “Doing the wrong thing righter makes you only wronger and doing the right thing wronger makes you only righter,” said the panelist.

She encouraged the youth to challenge their beliefs and see behind the boxes. Human beings are an inseparable part of nature, yet it is us who are destroying it. “Kachre-Ka-Kaam” is an issue to be taken up by every single one of us, asserted Kasturi.


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