Film Making Contest, Communication for Social Change by Narayan Devanathan

The Film Making Contest saw the ten finalists present their videos to the jury consisting of Narayan Devanathan, Dr. Niranjan, and Mr Satishchandra. The participants had one minute to play their video and give a short talk explaining the importance of their idea. The jury asked about the inspiration for the films. Most of the participants had based their videos on actual incidents from their lives. One team, for instance, talked about a schoolmate who, coming from economically-poor background, could not afford the tuition fees. Without his knowledge, the other schoolkids pooled in their resources to enable him to pursue his education.

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Narayan Devanathan stressed the need to “overcome the stumbling block of human nature”. We need to block out the distractions that prevent us from seeing the reality of life around us. “Do not count the value of what you give, feel the joy of Giving,” he said.  


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