Rajan Narayanan : For Start-ups to Start out


Rajan Narayanan, president of IndiaCares, co-founded Second Avenue. The establishment pursues advisory and consulting roles; and it includes industry specialists and management practitioners. They assist first generation entrepreneurs and SMEs to embark on a growth trajectory. The enterprise provides counsel to SMEs about corporate strategy, technology and people management.

IndiaCares supports various NGOs. The enterprise encourages individuals to donate, and collaborates with other organizations. They promote training, fund-raising, and association with individuals who want to support such CSOs.

Mr. Narayanan has also worked closely with Baale Maane, a home for girl children. He is also a key volunteer of DaanUtsav, the Joy of Giving Week, and a panel member of the Whiteboard initiative, which aims to dispense strategic counsel to NGOs.



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