Venkat Krishnan N : The Culture of Giving

Venkat Krishnan N, co-founded Eklavya school in Ahmedabad, in 1996. The school assimilates an integrative environment, by admitting both underprivileged as well as well-off students. In 2000, he set up the programme, Give India, to promote a culture of giving in India. The organization directs around Rs. 25 crores per annum to about 150 NGOs. In 2009, Mr. Krishnan, along with some other volunteers, initiated DaanUtsav.

Art by Kartikeya Rawat, The MIT Post

This organization aims to create a platform, through which, participants can contribute to the society. It aims to develop a culture where people from all walks of life, can participate in funding the underprivileged. DaatUtsav is usually held in the first week of October, when it brings people from various sectors together, to empower millions to encourage ideals of compassion and generosity.

Thousands of people come together in DaanUtsav to contribute their time and effort, or to make donations for the underprivileged. Over the week, participants help run a myriad of events to create an interactive environment of generosity.  Events involve raising awareness of various issues, and raising funds for the same. Even lavish restaurants come together to grant their best meals to NGOs for free.


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